No Flight Department – No Problem

Straightline Aviation (SLA) exists exclusively to manage, own and operate Hybrid aircraft for organizations that prefer to outsource their aviation needs.

  • Straightline Aviation works exclusively with Lockheed Martin and has secured long-term delivery positions for the 22-ton LMH-1 Hybrid ensuring early adopter partners avoid OEM backlogs when deliveries commence in 2018.

    Working on a long-term contract basis with its anticipated primary customer base - industries such as oil and gas, mining, renewable energy (wind and solar) and passenger transportation on select routes SLA will;

  1. Use its proprietary ‘FlyChek’ algorithm to compare historic data and estimated future costs to compare conventional intermodal transportation and infrastructure costs with the same missions using Hybrids.
  2. Use this data to determine the optimal/mission-appropriate aircraft and configuration for the customer's specific needs and sphere of operations.
  3. Subject to contract, allocate a production slot from its existing order book or place a new order(s) with an OEM on the partner’s behalf.
  4. Manage all aspects of local permitting, certification, staffing, training, crewing and maintenance plus ongoing operational logistics and support.

Straightline Aviation and Hybrid aircraft facilitate low-cost air access to previously inaccessible areas without the negative environmental impact and costs associated with the required infrastructure needed to support conventional forms of transport.