“Where we’re going we don’t need roads”

In his 1986 State of the Union Address, US President Ronald Reagan quoted a line from the movie ‘Back to the Future’ saying, “Where we’re going we don’t need roads”. Maybe he was ahead of his time and had Hybrids in mind. Hybrids need neither roads nor airports and as a result can do a lot of astonishing things.

It is estimated that half of the world’s population has limited or zero direct access to paved roads and, for many projects of a temporary nature, building costly roads and rail access to remote sites only serves to leave permanent scars on wilderness areas.

But all that is about to change …

The Hybrid’s heavy lift capabilities, range and ability to operate at low speeds/hover and take off and land virtually anywhere that has a flat, unimproved surface , sand,ice,snow or even water-  make it a truly unique, affordable and ecologically friendly workhorse for a vast range of applications.

Cargo and Freight

Hybrids have limitless applications for moving personnel and materials to the most inaccessible location.

Straightline Aviation Cargo and Freight

  •  For the oil and gas exploration and mining sectors and their increasingly remote locations, on just one such project Hybrids can bring savings in the hundred of millions of dollars on airport, road and rail construction costs.
  •  Hybrids will also reduce or eliminate the need for heavy lift helicopters with their limited lift, range and hugely expensive operating costs.
  •  For remote wind farm construction sites, Hybrids can safely and cost effectively deliver huge wind turbine parts, including the heavy equipment required to install them. In the process this will enable sites currently considered too isolated to come into play.
  •  In developing nations, Hybrids can affordably move fresh produce and other products from remote communities to major population centers thereby improving local economies and redistributing wealth.
  •  With their ‘straight line’ ability and range, Hybrids can move cargo from point-A straight to point-D eliminating the time and expense of double/triple intermodal handling at points B and C along the way.

For many of the same reasons that Hybrids offer myriad disruptive solutions to the cargo arena, in all-passenger configurations they also open up a range of exciting new opportunities in the passenger and tourism sectors.

Straightline Aviation Passengers and Tourism

  •  Hybrids can offer low-fare short-haul (100–200 mile) scheduled commercial passenger services between locations that don’t have – or where passengers want to avoid – major airports.
  •  Hybrids are perfect for low altitude, low speed sightseeing flights over iconic attractions such as The Grand Canyon, safari parks, the Pyramids, The Great Wall of China, The Great Barrier Reef  and many more.
  •  Luxury tourism: With Hybrids configured like small luxury cruise ships, guests can be taken on longer tour programs that offer a truly unique airborne perspective on the world.
Disaster Relief/Humanitarian Aid

When earthquakes, floods, tsunamis or other natural disasters decimate large areas, closing roads and airports and taking out power and communications, Hybrids offer a unique new vehicle for first-responders and subsequent relief services.

Straightline Aviation Disaster Relief

  •  As well as providing effective medivac transportation, Hybrids can be configured to act as ‘flying hospitals’ with their own power and surgical facilities.
  •  Hybrids make excellent stable telecommunications platforms to restore WiFi and communications in devastated areas.
  •  Without the need for airports or railheads, Hybrids can rapidly deliver rescue teams, generators, bulldozers, food and water and all nature of emergency supplies while evacuating the wounded and homeless on the outbound legs.
Search and Rescue

Hybrids are uniquely qualified as search and rescue vehicles.

Straightline Aviation Search and Rescue

  •  Hybrids can reach oceanic search areas much faster than ships.
  •  Once on site, Hybrids’ low speed and hover capabilities along with their ability to remain aloft for extended periods, makes them vastly superior S&R vehicles to either helicopters or fixed wing aircraft.
  •  Unlike helicopters, once survivors or debris are located, Hybrids can land on the water and if necessary dispatch boats to recover even relatively large pieces of flotsam.

The ‘Goodyear Blimps’ of this world simply can’t compare with the sheer immensity of Hybrids. Depending on the end-user, Hybrids can act as huge, high impact, flying billboards promoting brand awareness and/or earning ancillary revenue to offset operating costs.

The list goes on....

While there will assuredly be applications nobody has yet dreamed of, for now the list includes Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) as well as telecommunications, where Hybrids make an excellent platform, and lots more.